Tervolan Konepaja Oy (limited partnership) is a versatile metal engineering workshop. We specialize in medium to heavy manufacturing; machining, welding and mounting according to mechanical drawings as well as simple rough sketches. Our customers are industries and contractors, as well as private persons.

Tervolan Konepaja Oy was founded by its present name Tervolan Konepaja in 1975, although the company history goes back to the early 1920´s. General Manager today is Olli Pallari since his father retired in 1987.

Tervolan Konepaja Oy is conveniently located in northern Finland not far from neither of the cities Kemi, Tornio nor Rovaniemi. Transportation connections from Tervola are good by land, sea, plane and rail. 

Tervolan Konepaja Oy has gained the trust of its customers over the years with diversified machinery and motivated, skilled personnel.

Tervolan Konepaja Oy employs totally 15 people who are here to answer the customers´ needs. By providing flexible and reliable services, we give our customers ability to serve well their own customers.

Our production facilities consist of both welding and machining departments. Both are equipped with bridge cranes so moving and handling of a large and bulky object is not a problem for us.
Tervolan Konepaja Oy´s operations can be divided in three sections: subcontracting, repairing service and own products.

One of our own products is stumpharvester PALLARI KH-160. It is a multi-purpose device for hydraulic excavators to break up, loosen and take apart all kinds of soft (wooden) recyclable materials. We have exported KH-160 since 1986 to Northern America, Middle Europe and finally, in year 2001, we penetrated also our home markets with good results.

Another one of our own products is stumpshear PALLARI KL-110. It was launched year 2002. Stumpshear is also a device for hydraulic excavators, to be used for splitting and crushing stumps mainly in stump piles. KL-110 can be mounted with quick coupling, according to base machine.

We provide also earth mover and forestry constructors with diversified repairing and equipping service. Also designing is a significant asset in our operations. By being rapid and flexible –both qualities the customers appreciate – we´re proud to have managed in achieving such a wide clientele over the years.

Over the course of years we have gained lots of experience, new customers and a variety of interesting projects completed. We do our best to recognize our customers´ needs and give our best know-how whether the customer is a constructor or a private person. As a result: high quality and a satisfied customer.


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