The Mobile-submersible is a low cost, diving-bell type submersible for one passenger and a pilot. It is designed for various operations especially in cold streaming waters. The key words in the design of the Mobile-submersible have been reliability, ease of use and maintenance and ease of transportability.

The proto-type of Mobile-submersible is capable to dive to a depth of 20 meters. For transportation the Mobile-submersible is equipped with a hauling wheel system with road capacity.


  • Searching
  • Observing
  • Researching
  • Divers training etc.



Support vessel is base where submersible can doc itself. Support vessel, in addition to moving the submersible, produces all power needed to keep life support system in the submersible; heating, breathing system and communications between submersible and support vessel. Support vessel is also equipped with road capacity wheel system to it´s easy to transport wherever it´s needed.


Handling system combines submersible and support vessel together. Main parts of the handling systems are semiconductor winch controller, winch system, umbilical and communication systems.


Submersible is like a shell to protect the divers from the alternation of pressure. All the air to breath and all the needed electric power are delivered by the support vessel through the umbilical. The submersible is lowered and towed from the support vessel via the handling system, so it doesn´t make any propulsion as itself, which will leave water clear.