Stump harvester Pallari KHM-100

Stump harvester Pallari KHM-100

Stump harvester Pallari KHM-100 is device designed for braking and lifting stumps at site. KHM-100 can be installed with excavato's quick connector. This enables smooth change with other work devices like e.g. shovel.
With back plate of KHM the soil cultivating is also easy.


  • easy mounting
  • wide usability
  • durable: hardened tensile strength steels
  • cost effective
  • can be fitted to most excavators


  • Can be used for tearing, cutting, and breaking all kinds ofwooden materials in forest and recycling centers and also in other similar places.


When loosening stumps shake excess dirt to reduce weight. Cut stumps and roots into smaller pieces to reduce size.


  • Hydraulic pressure (max.) 320 bar
  • Gap opening approx 70 cm
  • Cutting force approx. 26 t
  • Weight approx. 800 kg
  • Recommendation (size of excavator) 10-15 t
  • Total height approx. 100 cm
  • Total width approx. 60 cm
  • Quick coupling according to base machine